Earth to Paulbots: You Are Irrelevant

May 8, 2012

LOS ANGELES — February 25, 2011 — It is time for the Ron Paul supporters to go to sleep. It is past their bedtime. Their 15 minutes are up.


A week ago it was pointed out that CPAC was overrun by a fringe element with loud voices and goofy hair known as Paulbots.


Like every other incomprehensible Paul from John Paul to Sean Paul to Rupaul, Ron Paul and his supporters make sense only to themselves.


Before this “movement” gets even more out of hand and these young kids start biting people, it is absolutely necessary to deliver a clear stern message to the Ron Paul supporters.


Listen closely.


You don’t matter. You are a useless, irrelevant fringe group that preaches to the converts and persuades nobody else.


This is where the Paulbots rip off their tinfoil hats in anger and start sending misspelled hate mail to anybody daring to criticize their king of the land of Quirkistan.


Rather than listen to the rabble, it is important to explain to them why they don’t matter.


Then they will have the choice of taking steps to become a real force or remaining a curiosity.


Despite Ron Paul not winning a single primary in 2008, his supporters were loud and obnoxious.  If votes were determined by disruptions at events, they would be in charge.


Since actual votes are the determinant, Ron Paul has won nothing outside of his own congressional district. This makes him as representative of America as the Pelosiraptor.  Continue reading here………


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